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How to share Chuango devices with other registered users?

Tap on “Me” and select “Device Management”. Here you can see all your devices connected with your account.

DreamCatcher Life Device Management 1

Select the device you want to share. 

DreamCatcher Life Device Management 2

Tap on the plus button to share the device with other registered users. 

DreamCatcher Life Device Management 3

You can also share the entire home with your family members or cohabitants. The person you share the home with should first register a DreamCatcher Life account.

Tap on “Me” and select “Home Management” and select the device you want to share. Then Tap on “Add A Member”.

DreamCatcher Life Device Management 4

You can assign roles to members. There are two types of membership: “User” and “Administrator”. Only Members with an Administrator role have full access to every setting of the room and the connected devices, with the exception that administrators are not allowed to delete the home or transfer the home’s ownership. Normal users can only view and control the device and modify the device name but have no access to settings.

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