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How to build an effective room cleaning map for the first time?

After Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-600 completes a total cleaning for the first time, a map of your home will be generated and automatically divided into different rooms, displaying in different colors. 

Before cleaning, please make sure that:

  1. The battery level of your robot is sufficient to complete a total cleaning.
  2.  Leave the doors inside your home fully open.
  3.  Remove all obstacles on the ground that may trap/entangle the robot. The robot might be blocked by carpets when the mop cloth is on. So, try to remove the mop cloth from the robot when it creates the map.
  4. Do not manually move the robot during the cleaning process. If the cleaning is manually stopped, the mapping will be hindered.

Note: When the cleaning area is large, the robot will return to recharge when the power is low. After the robot is fully charged, it will return to the breaking point and continues cleaning so the map will be generated later after it completes its cleaning.

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