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FAQ Multi-beam IR Sensors AID-420

Q: What is Chuango Multi-beam IR Sensors AID-420?

A: Chuango Multi-beam IR Sensors AID-420 is a wireless four-beam infrared sensor, widely used as a perimeter guarding device in gated houses, shops, and indoor garages. There are four active infrared beams between the two sensors.

When an intruder walks past the detection area and two or more light beams have been blocked, a wireless signal will be then transmitted to a Chuango alarm hub, triggering an alarm. 

Chuango Multi-beam IR Sensors AID-420


Waterproof IP66 protection makes it weather- and heat-resistant against harsh environmental conditions.

Multi-beam IR Sensors AID-420 works only with Chuango wireless alarm system OV-300LTE-400 together and cannot be used independently.


Q: How to pair Multi-beam IR Sensors AID-420 with Chuango WiFi Alarm OV-300/ LTE-400?

A: Before configuration, make sure that all settings have been done.

1. Two sensors (the transmitter and receiver) should be aligned to each other and maintained the same distance from the ground. The arrow signs on the installation caps should be in the same direction.

2. Tap on the plus “+” icon on the WiFi Alarm page to add Multi-beam IR Sensors AID-420 to the WiFi Alarm.

Chuango Multi-beam IR Sensors AID-420 Pairing

3. Place an object such as cardboard in the middle of the sensors to block at least 2 infrared beams.

4. One beep is heard. The system pairing is completed.


Q: How far is the detection range of Chuango Multi-beam IR Sensors AID-420?

A: The longest distance between the two sensors is 6 meters. The distance can be adjusted according to the actual situation and can be set inside the Transmitter of AID-420.

Chuango Multi-beam IR Sensors AID-420 Detection Range


Q: How to set zone mode for Chuango Multi-beam IR Sensors AID-420?

A: The default zone mode of Multi-beam IR Sensors AID-420 is Normal Zone, that is, when the system is in Armor in Home Arm Mode, the AID-420 will trigger an alarm when it detects intrusion. If you want to modify the zone mode, you can set it inside the Receiver of AID-420.

Chuango Multi-beam IR Sensors AID-420 Zone Mode Settings



Q: How to install Chuango Multi-beam IR Sensors AID-420

A: Chuango Multi-beam IR Sensors AID-420 is suitable for installation on two sides of a door or window. When installing it, make sure that the two sensors are in horizontal alignment. The distance between the two sensors should be less than 6 meters (as shown in the picture).

Chuango AID-420 Installation 1


Chuango AID-420 Installation 2



1. Press the installation mode switch inside the Receiver, installation mode will be then activated. Put the circuit board back into the sleeve, insert the waterproof rubber plug, and cover the installation cap.

Chuango AID-420 Installation 3


2. Slide open the upper and lower mounting cap cover of the Transmitter, place it on the side of the target position, and adjust the horizontal and vertical direction by watching the leveler in the upper mounting cap.

3. Mark the screw holes of the transmitter, then use the hole punch to punch the screw holes, insert the expansion bolt, fix the transmitter with screws, and cover the upper and lower mounting caps.

4. On the other side of the installation position, adjust the position of the receiver by hearing the buzzer rate to ensure that the signal strength is medium or strong (two or three beeps every second). After determining the location, follow steps 2 and 3 to fix the receiver.

Buzzer rate:

Chuango AID-420 Installation 4


5. When the buzzer stops (that is, the AID-420 exits the installation mode), you can arm the hub, and walk between the transmitter and the receiver. When a siren sounds, the AID-420 is working properly.

Chuango AID-420 Installation 5


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