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Can I adjust the volume and duration of the Siren for my Chuango Wi-Fi Alarm OV-300/ LTE-400?


Tap on the hamburger icon in the top right corner of the WiFi Alarm page to open up the settings of your Chuango WiFi Alarm OV-300/ LTE-400 . Select “Advanced Settings” and customize the alarm siren’s volume (mute, low, or high) or set the duration of the siren when it goes off. The default duration is 5 minutes.

Because the range of the Chuango WiFi alarm hub is not infinite, it is recommended to use a wireless siren such as WS-105 to extend the siren sound in a large house or a multi-story house.

Chuango OV-300 /LTE-400 Alarm Duration/ Volume 1

Chuango OV-300 /LTE-400 Alarm Duration/ Volume 2 

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