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How does Chuango Wi-Fi Alarm OV-300/ LTE-400 work in different security modes?

Chuango WiFi Alarm OV-300 or LTE-400 comes in three status modes: Disarm Mode, Arm Mode and Home Arm Mode.

Disarm Mode

In Disarm Mode, no alerts will be sent and no sensors in your home will be triggered, except for the ones in 24-Hour Zone.

* Water flood sensor WI-210 which you could purchase separately is by default set to 24-Hour Zone.

Arm Mode

When in Arm Mode, all sensors will be on guard. If any sensor is triggered, your system will sound the siren and alert you with push notifications via the DreamCatcher Life App.

 * Note: Please make sure that push notifications are enabled for the App.

Please read How to set up Push Notifications on DreamCatcher Life App for Chuango Devices?

Home Arm Mode

In Home Arm Mode, sensors in the home zone will be disarmed, while other sensors (such as door/window) stay active.

Select “Home Arm” when you are at home.

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