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How does cellular backup work for Chuango WiFI Alarm LTE-400?

Normally Chuango WiFi Alarm LTE-400 alerts you with push notifications via the DreamCatcher Life App through the internet. 

Make sure that push notifications are enabled for the App. Please read How to set up Push Notifications on DreamCatcher Life App for Chuango Devices.


But what if your local Wi-Fi stops working? Or your phone is not connecting to the internet?


Chuango WiFi Alarm LTE-400 can still communicate with you by using 4G as a backup. This means that your home is still under protection even if the WiFi connection fails.

As cellular backup requires a 4G SIM card in regular size and please insert it into the hub’s SIM slot.

Tap on the hamburger icon in the top right corner of the WiFi Alarm page to open up the settings of your Chuango WiFi Alarm LTE-400

Select “Advanced Settings” and enable “Cellular Network”. Sometimes you need also to input required information for cellular data in APN Setting. 

Chuango LTE-400 Cellular Backup Work 1

Chuango LTE-400 Cellular Backup Work 2

Do not forget to enter your phone number which you’d like to receive SMS or phone calls in “SMS &Phone Calls”. Tap on the Message and/or the Phone Icon and tap on the tick mark  to save the information.

Chuango LTE-400 Cellular Backup Work 3 

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