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Where to place Chuango Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector PIR-910?

It is recommended to mount the Chuango Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector PIR-910 in the corner of the room between 2 to 2.2 meters high from the ground, parallel to the wall when you want to install it.

Mount the detector at a proper angle

The installation angle affects detection sensitivity. The sensitivity is optimal when the walk direction is vertical to the infrared direction. Choose the best location and angle according to the actual situation and detection scope diagram.

Chuango PIR-910 Place 1

Avoid mounting the detector in areas where draughts may be present or where the temperature may fluctuate greatly, such as near windows, air conditioning, heating, refrigeration units, cooking appliances, and direct sunlight.

Chuango PIR-910 Place 2

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