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How to clean the two-in-one dust bin/water tank of Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-600?

1. Press and hold the release button to pull the two-in-one dust bin/water tank out. 

2. Open the cover of the dust bin by pressing the dust bin snap and remove the filter clip. 

3. Remove the filter screen and sponge. 

4. Empty the debris and sweep away dust from the filter with the provided cleaning tool. 

5. Wash the dust bin with water. 

6. Press the mop cloth holder snap (if installed), and pull it outwards, to remove the mop cloth for cleaning. 

Be sure to remove the mop for cleaning. It is forbidden to wash while the cloth is installed on the two-in-one water tank, otherwise the two-in-one water tank may be damaged. After cleaning the cloth, please make it dry before installing it. It is recommended to replace the cloth every 6-12 months to ensure the cleaning effect.

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