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FAQ Solar-Powered Dual-Tech Motion Detector PIR-926

Q: What is Chuango Solar-Powered Dual-Tech Motion Detector PIR-926?

A:  Chuango Solar-Powered Dual-Tech Motion Detector PIR-926 is a wireless motion detector designed for outdoor use. 

Packed with proprietary infrared technology, fuzzy logic, and sophisticated algorithm, Chuango Solar-Powered Dual-Tech Motion Detector PIR-926 detects human body movements and effectively cuts down on interference and false alarms with dual-mode detection: passive infrared (PIR) and microwave. It can cover up to 8 meters with a sensing angle of 110 degrees, ensuring safety in the surrounding outdoor areas of your home. 

The detector is battery-powered and constantly charged using solar panels. Its unique housing structure with waterproof IP65 protection makes it weather and heat-resistant against harsh environmental conditions.

Due to automatic temperature compensation and anti-air turbulence technology, Chuango Motion Detector PIR-926 can adapt to environmental changes automatically so that they are more energy-efficient.

Chuango Motion Detector PIR-926 works only with Chuango wireless alarm system OV-300/ LTE-400 together and cannot be used independently.


Q: How to pair Chuango Solar-Powered Dual-Tech Motion Detector PIR-926 with Chuango WiFi Alarm OV-300/ LTE-400?

A: 1. Tap on the plus “+” icon on the WiFi Alarm page to add Chuango Motion Detector PIR-926 to the WiFi Alarm.

Chuango PIR-926 Pairing

2. Trigger the detector to alarm.

3. One beep is heard after the hub receives a signal, which means the connection was successful.


Q: How to change the working mode of Chuango Solar-Powered Dual-Tech Motion Detector PIR-926?


A: There are two working modes of Chuango Solar-Powered Dual-Tech Motion Detector PIR-926: test mode and power-saving mode.

The default working mode of PIR-926 is test mode. In the test mode, the detector detects once every 10 seconds. If you want a longer standby time, you can change the mode to power-saving mode.


In power-saving mode, the detector will only send one alarm signal to the hub if it detects human movements more than twice within 3 minutes, and then the detector will automatically enter sleeping mode to save power. Human body movements in the detection area will no longer trigger an alarm. After waiting for 3 minutes without human movement, the PIR will automatically exit the dormant state and return to the alert state.


Chuango PIR-926 Change Working Mode 1


Chuango PIR-926 Change Working Mode 2



Q: Where to place Chuango Solar-Powered Dual-Tech Motion Detector PIR-926?


A: It is recommended to mount Chuango Solar-Powered Dual-Tech Motion Detector PIR-926 on the wall at the height of 2m from the ground.

1. The detector is more sensitive to cross-movement than vertical movement, so it is suggested to mount it facing vertical to the walking direction of people. 

2. Avoid big objects in front of the detector. 

3. Avoid cabinets or walls in front of the detector, where animals (such as cats) can climb up.

4. This detector is solar powered and needs to be installed in a sunny place.

Chuango PIR-926 Place


Q: How to test Chuango PIR Motion Detector PIR-926?

A: 1. Remove the activation strip.

2. Self-testing will commence for 1 minute, indicated by the LED indicator flashing continuously.

3. After 1 minute, put the detector on a shelf

4. Walk in the scope by crossing the infrared spectrum and watch the LED indicator to make sure it is working. The LED indicator will flash once when body movement is detected. 


Q: Meanings of LED indications for Chuango PIR Motion Detector PIR-800/ PIR-910/ PIR-926

A: Flashes every 2 seconds: self-testing state.

Flashes twice: self-testing is finished, entering working mode.

Flashes once: movement is detected.

Flashes once every 3 seconds: low battery indication (immediate battery change recommended). If the motion detector is connected to Chuango WiFi Alarm OV-300/ LTE-400, you will receive a push notification via the DreamCatcher Life app, when the battery is low. 

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