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FAQ Wireless Water Detector WI-210

Q: What is Chuango Wireless Water Detector WI-210?

A: Chuango Wireless Water Detector WI-210 works based on the theory of liquid conductivity. When the liquid reaches the two probes of the detector, a wireless signal will be then transmitted to a Chuango alarm hub, triggering an alarm. It works only with Chuango Alarm hub together and cannot be used independently.


Q: How to pair Wireless Water Detector WI-210 with Chuango WiFi Alarm OV-300/LTE-400?

A: 1. Tap on the plus “+” icon on the WiFi Alarm page to add the Water Detector WI-210 to the WiFi Alarm.

Chuango Wireless Water Detector WI-210 Pairing 1

2. Simulate an alarming case by touching the probe of the water sensor to water. 

3. Or you can press the tamper switch on the back of the detector.

4. When one beep is heard, they are connected successfully.


Q: How to install Chuango Wireless Water Detector WI-210?

A: 1. Remove the insulated strip. Chuango Wireless Water Detector WI-210 enters working mode.

2. Using the screws provided, fix the probe horizontally in the area that is required to be detected. 

3. Use a double-sided adhesive tap or screws provided to fix the transmitter in the place where the liquid is unable to reach and keep the antenna pointing upwards.

Chuango Wireless Water Detector WI-210 Installation



Q: Will Water Detector WI-210 trigger an alarm when water is detected when Chuango WiFi Alarm OV-300/ LTE-400 is not armed?

A: Yes. The Water Detector WI-210 is always grouped into a 24-Hour Zone, and an alarm signal will be sent to the hub whenever water is detected. When a liquid leak is detected, the siren will sound, and push notifications will be sent regardless of the alarm mode the system is in.


Q: How to replace batteries for Chuango Wireless Water Detector WI-210?

A: Need to use a screwdriver to gently lever open the back cover to replace the batteries. Battery Type: 1.5V AAA x 2 pcs.


*Note: The connected WiFi Alarm will be required to be in test mode before you can change the batteries on the sensor.

Please read How does the Test Mode work for Chuango WiFi Alarm OV-300/ LTE-400?

Chuango Wireless Water Detector WI-210 Replace Battery

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