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How to use the Boundary Strips of Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500?

You can place the boundary strips on any flat surface to block off your Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500. The robot will recognize the boundary strip and will not run into this area.


Step 1: 

Identify the area or item you do not want the device to get close to.



If necessary, use scissors to cut the boundary strip vertically to a shorter length. Be sure to correctly measure the length before cutting.

Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500 Boundary Strips

Step 3:

Apply the provided adhesive tape to lay the boundary strip flat on the floor.



1. Make sure the boundary strip is not rolled up.

2. It is not recommended for use on carpets. 

3. Be careful not to damage the floor when using adhesive tape.

4. Keep the boundary strip away from objects that emit excessive heat, eg.  a fireplace.

5. Make sure the boundary strip is placed on a flat surface.

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