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How to use the mop function of Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500?

Step 1:

Place boundary strips around the area or object you do not want it to be mopped, for example carpeted areas to avoid mopping the carpet.

Step 2:

Open the water tank lid. Fill the tank with water at room temperature, then close the lid after it is full.

Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500 Mop 1

A full water tank can mop the floor for 100-120 mins and cover an area of rougly 100 square meters. 

Step 3:

Properly attach the dry mopping pad to the water tank, align to the correct position.

Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500 Mop 2

Step 4:

Remove the dust bin and Install the water tank into the bottom of your Chuango Robot Vacuum until you hear a click. It is ready for mopping.

Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500 Mop 3

Step 5:

Tap on the Clean/Play button on the homepage of DreamCatcher Life App or on the robot vacuum page to start mopping. 

Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500 Mop 4

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