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How to create a schedule to automate Chuango WiFi Alarm OV-300/ LTE-400?

It is possible in the DreamCatcher Life App to have the alarm mode of Chuango WiFi Alarm OV-300/LTE-400 automatically change by creating schedules.

You can preset schedules to arm, partially arm (home arm), and disarm your Chuango WiFi Alarm based on your daily or weekend routine.

Tap on the hamburger icon in the top right corner of the WiFi Alarm page to open up the settings. Select "Auto Arm/ Disarm" to set your own schedules.

Chuango OV-300 /LTE-400 Schedule 1

Chuango OV-300 /LTE-400 Schedule 2


For example, every weekday you leave your home at about 8 am for work and come back at about 6 pm. Then, you can set your Chuango WiFi Alarm to arm from 8 am, disarm at 6 pm, and home arm a little after 6 pm Monday to Friday. Don’t forget to disarm the next morning, or set a schedule to disarm before 8 am too.

Chuango OV-300 /LTE-400 Schedule 3

Chuango OV-300 /LTE-400 Schedule 4

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