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How do I arm my Chuango WiFi Alarm when I am staying home?

When you are home alone or when you are sleeping, you might want to turn off the motion detector but let other detectors like door/ window contact sensors stay active. 

Chuango WiFi Alarm OV-300/LTE-400 has not only Arm Mode and Disarm Mode, but also Home Arm Mode, which provides an easy solution to arm your alarm system when you are at home.

Chuango OV-300 /LTE-400 Home Arm 1

In Home Arm Mode, sensors in the home zone will be disarmed, while other sensors (such as door/window) stay active. Motion detectors like PIR-800 and PIR-910 should be grouped in the home zone by default. When not, tap on the sensor to enter its setting page where you can set the device type and zone mode. 

Chuango OV-300 /LTE-400 Home Arm 2

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