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How to create a scene?

Scenes allow you to set up your own home automation routines. You can integrate multiple Chuango devices in one scene and they could be activated simultaneously. 

There are already several preset scenes at your disposal. If there is no suitable recommended scene, you could also create a scene to meet your needs.

1. Tap on “Smart” on the home page. Select “My Scene and tap on the “Add” button to create a scene.

2. You could name your scene. It is recommended that the text be as concise as possible.

3. You could decide if you want to set a start time or create a schedule for this scene.

4. Select the devices which you want to add to this scene and the action that each device should perform.

5. You could also select an icon for this scene which will later appear on the scene list.

6. At the end do not forget to tap on the Save button in the upper right corner.

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