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What are the differences between scenes and rules?

Scenes and rules both allow you to set up your own automation routines, but there are differences between them.

To create a scene is to start multiple tasks at the same time. For example, you could create a Leaving-Home scene. After leaving home, you could tap on the scene or set a start time for it. Then your smart lights will switch off, your home security system will turn on (in arm mode), and the robot vacuum will start cleaning after you.


A rule follows the “If-Then” principle, which consists of a trigger and the following actions:


If (trigger)

Then (actions)


For example, you could create a rule of “when the baby cry is detected”. Your baby is alone in its room in the crib and sleeps. You place a Chuango Indoor Camera as a baby monitor there and you are relaxing in the living room. Once the baby crying is detected, the smart light in the living room turns red.  

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