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How to set up Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500 via the DreamCatcher Life App?

Before setup, it is recommended to turn off the cellular data of your phone and make sure that your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Place your Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500 close to the router.

1. Plug in the power. Turn your Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500 upside down. Turn on the power switch at the bottom. 

2. After logging into the App, tap on the plus sign "+" on the home page, or in the upper right corner if you are already a proud owner of other compatible Chuango products. Select "RV-500".

Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500 Set Up 1

Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500 Set Up 2

3. Enter your WiFi password.Then, tap on "OK".
 * Note: Chuango vacuum cleaners do not support 5GHz WiFi networks. Please make sure your available network is on the 2.4GHz band.  

Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500 Set Up 3

4. Press and hold both buttons simultaneously on the front of Chuango Vacuum Cleaner for 3 seconds until you hear two short beeps. The Wi-Fi indicator will flash quickly. 

5. Tap on "Connect" and "Join" to connect your new robot vacuum to your Wi-Fi network. If you are an Android-user, it can be directed to your phones Wi-Fi settings. If so, select "Robot Vacuum RV-500". 

Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500 Set Up 4

Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500 Set Up 5

6. Return to the DreamCatcher Life App and select "Next". Wait until the configuration is 100% completed, and then tap on "Done". Congratulations! Your Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500 is ready for use.

Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-500 Set Up 6

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