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How to Control multiple Chuango Smart Bulbs with the DreamCatcher Life App?

If you have more than one Chuango Smart Bulb, you can create a group for some or all of your bulbs. There are two ways to control multiple bulbs at the same time with the DreamCatcher Life App.

1. Create a Group

Select a bulb and tap on the hamburger icon in the top right corner. Tap on “Create Group” to choose the bulbs you want to add. Save your selection and don’t forget to name the group.

Your bulbs have now been grouped together and can be controlled as a group. 

2. Create a Scene

You could tap on „Smart“ on the home page and create a scene in “My Scenes”. You could select as many bulbs as you want and set up a schedule for it. 

For example, you create a scene with the name "Bed Time". You could add all Chuango smart bulbs in your bedroom in this scene and set a task to turn off all the bulbs. When you tap on the "Bed Time" scene (or set up a schedule for it), all the bulb will be off at the same time.

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