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FAQ Door/ Window Contact DWC-102

Q: What is Chuango Door/ Window Contact DWC-102?

A: Chuango Door/ Window Contact DWC-102 is suitable for doors, windows or any object that opens and closes. It detects if a window or door is open in real time. It works by using a transmitter and a magnet. The magnet is placed on the door/ window, while the transmitter on the door/ window frame. Once the door or window is opened, the “contact” between the transmitter and the magnet is broken. A signal will be then transmitted to a Chuango alarm hub, triggering an alarm. It works only with Chuango Alarm hub together and cannot be used independently.

Q: How to pair Chuango Door/ Window Contact DWC-102 with Chuango WiFi Alarm OV-300/LTE-400?

A: Tap on the plus “+” icon on the WiFi Alarm page to add the door/window contact sensor DWC-102 to the WiFi Alarm. Separate the transmitter from the magnet to simulate an alarmed situation. Please take care NOT to touch the black tamper switch in the back while pairing.

Q: How to install Door/Window Contact DWC-102?

A: It is recommended to place your Door/ Window Contact Sensor as high up as possible on the door and the door frame respectively.

1. Carefully remove the activation strip from the battery compartment.

2. Remove the backing paper from one side of each self-adhesive double-sided strip. Fix one strip to the back of the Magnet and one to the back of the Transmitter.

3. Peel off the other side of each adhesive strip. Mount the Magnet on the door/ window and the Transmitter on the door/window frame, with less than a 1 cm separation between the two. The alignment triangles on the sensor and the magnet should be in close proximity on the same level horizon when the door/ window is closed. 

4. When opening the door, a small led indicator lights up briefly, this indicates that the Transmitter has sent a signal to the Control Panel. 

Q: Why Door/ Window Contact DWC-102 trigger the alarm even when it is in Disarm mode?

A: It is probably because the tamper switch of the door/window contact sensor DWC-102 was pressed when pairing with the hub. The sensor then will be automatically grouped into 24-hour-zone. So the alarm would be triggered regardless of mode status.

Try to delete the door/window contact sensor DWC-102 first, and then pair to the hub again. You should separate the transmitter and the magnet instead of pressing the tamper switch. 

Please read How to pair Chuango Door/ Window Contact DWC-102 with Chuango WiFi Alarm OV-300/LTE-400?

Q: How to replace the battery for Door/Window Sensor DWC-102?

A: Press and hold the back cover and slide it down to replace the battery (DC 1.5V ALR6 Battery x1).


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