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Q&A about Cloud Storage and Cloud Plan

Q: How to activate cloud storage? 

A: Open the DreamCatcher Life App. Tap on "Me" and select "More services" to access the cloud recording and activate the plan you want.

Q: Is cloud storage valid for all devices in an account or only for one device? 

A: Only for one video device.


Q: Can my cloud plan be transferred to other accounts? 

A: No.


Q: How long is the free-trail plan?

A: Each video device comes with a free 30-day trial plan  (which stores motion triggers or video events from the past 7 days). 


Q: Can shared accounts view recorded clips in the cloud? 

A: Yes, but they cannot share or download the recorded clips. 


Q: Can I receive motion detected notifications without a cloud storage plan?

A: Yes, but you cannot view recorded motion clips.


Q: Can I view recorded clips without a cloud storage plan?

A: Yes. The Chuango Indoor Camera PT-300Q has also a provided SD card of 16G. You can view recorded clips stored on the SD card.


Q: How to pay the cloud storage fee?

A: We only support PayPal.

Q: After I purchased a plan, is it refundable if I don't use all of it? 

A: No. Please refer to our Terms of Use. You can cancel your automatic renewal manually, but your current plan will continue to be effective until the end of this billing circle. For example, a one-year Basic Plan was purchased and has been used for 9 months; after the cancellation of automatic renewal, your Basic Plan will still be effective for the remaining 3 months and you won't be charged after the 12 months of full usage.


Q: If I sell or give away my Chuango Indoor Camera PT-300Q to someone else, do I need to stop my cloud plan? 

A: If you sell or give away your Chuango Indoor Camera PT-300Q to someone else, video clips that you previously stored with your account in the Cloud will remain saved and accessible to you. The new owner won't be able to access them. If you no longer need these video clips, you can choose to delete your account permanently. All video clips in this account will then be deleted and cannot be recovered.


Q: Will the video clips be deleted if the plan expires?

A: When the plan expires and the user does not continue to subscribe to a new plan, the video clips will remain for 30 days, After 30 days, they will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

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