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Chuango Robot Vacuum RV-600 fails to return to the self-emptying station, what should I do?

1. Please check whether the station is powered off or has been moved manually. If so, please connect the station to the power supply and put it back to its original position.

2. Please check whether the ground around the station has a lot of water stains. If so, please use a dry rag to wipe the surrounding ground.

3. Whether the robot cleaner is trapped during the cleaning process, or if there are malfunction alarms, etc., if so, please deal with it first.

4. Whether the location where the station is put is uneven, if so, please place it on flat ground.

5. Check if the recharging route is blocked, for example, the room door of which the station is located is closed.

6. You can place the robot cleaner in front of the station and press the [recharge button] on the device to see if it can return successfully. If it doesn't work, please contact customer support for after-sales service.

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